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Sergei Timokin is a Jesus Apostle in the Former Soviet Union. He was born in Leningrad in 1958 in the atheistic family of high-ranking Soviet officer.

At a young age Sergei tried to rebel against the Soviet Regime, made a rocknroll band and sang western songs publicly but he ended his open rebellion in the lonely bush dying of vital wounds. Soviet mafia attempted to murder him in 1978. They left his almost dead body halfway buried in the trash of a desolated snowy  city park.  When the killers left, the Angel of the Lord found Sergeis unconscious bloodstained body in the grave and brought him right to his mothers tiny apartment on the other side of the city. Doctors worked  hard all night to bring him back to life. KGB  was very surprised about the mysterious Night Saver. Personal Testimony.

Sergei never heard about Jesus  or the Bible but an American missionary smuggled the Bible into Russia. Someway it got to Sergei.
God sent him a Russian believer who led him to the Lord. They made the first Christian rock band in Russia The Trumpet Call that had become a #1 underground church national legend. Millions of young people have heard the Gospel via mass media. This time Sergei was arrested by KGB. Two years later Jesus led him  out of prison to continue spreading the Gospel in Russia and all over the world. Time of the
RED REVIVAL is at hand!

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!! Idol Lenin were fallen down (literally) in front of the church who prayed in the night against keeping it honored in the community !! (video)

Next USA visit to minister in churches - August-September 2010

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