Sergei Timokin has founded a church in Leningrad, Russia in 1990.

Since his co-ministers of The Trumpet Call immigrated to the West God sent him a team of Gospel workers who became Christians via Sergeis public street, platform, TV and Radio preaching.

In 1991 he was invited to USA to Christ Church, TN to receive his first ordination of  one of the most respected churches of USA. The elder of the church Alfred McCroskey (Bibles For Russia) was his mentor who helped Sergei to set up a church body in St. Petersburg.

In 1992 he was invited to  Australia to a Christian City Church, International where he got his second ordination as a Senior Minister. He has jointed the CCCI movement. He plants churches and pastors from his life to raise up mighty RED ARMY of God for the

 God called me to be a Minster of  the Gospel full time in 1980. Leningrad Baptist church baptized me in water. Jesus gave me a ministry. I learned how to read Bible, pray.  When KGB arrested me all I had is my memory of Bible verses since Bible-book was prohibited in KGB  prison. My wife with two toddlers was in a critical  trouble with no defense. I was locked up for two years. I fasted  and  prayed for getting a Bible. I was about dying. KGB was merciless.

But God gave me needed Scriptures His way. Lord told me to ask for Robinson Crusoe book. KGB agreed. I was surprised to find Bible lessons for Friday in Robinsons teaching! It gave me the Word of God in the most hard time of cruel KGB prison!

I got out of prison in the power of the Holy Spirit. My family members are ministers with me. My fathers family  got saved. Thousands of Russians got saved through us. Thank you, Mr. Robinson! :)))

My pastoring is based on my personal experience and on the Word of God. Jesus commanded me to raise up apostles for the

Sergeis baptism by Ps. Gneda, Leningrad 1980.

Sergei&Ninas ordination of CCCI 1992 in Australia by Ps.Phil&Chris Pringle

Sergeis ordination of Christ Church, TN 1991 in USA by Ps. Hardwick, Ps. Dan Scott, with Loren Cunningham (YWAM)

PASTOR credentials (more...)

Sergei Timokin,Valery Barinov

recorded world first Christian rock-band in Russian language

Ps S. Timokin & M. Gorbachev

Next USA visit to minister in churches - August-September 2010 tel +79119244928 skype: pastorsergei