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Andrei and Maria Timokin lead worship

Phil, Maria, Nina, Sergei, Andrei Timokin

Christ Church (cowboy)


Church was founded in Leningrad (St. Petersburg) in 1990 with a small group of few people.

This group started with Sergei and his wife Nina by the Valery Barinov in 1980. They worked 10 years to lead people to Christ and destroy Communist Regime via short-wave mass media VOICE OF AMERICA and BBC Russian Service to publish The Trumpet Call.

When their recoding became nationally popular Sergei was arrested by KGB for his faith but in two years God opened up the prison doors. Sergei has started to preach in public places in 1988 with his new band to attract the crowd to Jesus. Signs and wonders followed him. God called him to plant a church. Christ Church is original name. Then, we use name Christian City, now the Cowboy Church.

We are one of the first full-gospel churches in Russia. In few years we had grown up to 1,000 members. Several hundred leaders were ordained in our church Bible & leadership schools.


Church hosted the biggest meetings in Russia. Millions have heard the Gospel via our radio, TV and stadium preaching . More than 10,000 people were saved just at the church altar during these years.

Apostolic call of the church was found throughout the years. Constantly, church people leave the church to serve in many churches and missions in the world. Pastor Sergei doesnt want them to sit idle in the church row.

We are called to change the Empire of Evil into the Jesus Red Army to bring a world revival toward Jesus Coming. Where God is mocked there He wants to be glorified! - said Pastor Sergei Timokin.

RED REVIVAL is coming!



Next USA visit to minister in churches - August-September 2010


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