Ye shall utterly destroy all the places, wherein the nations which

ye shall possess served their gods,...and you shall overthrow their altars,...and ye shall hew down the graven images of their gods, and destroy the name of them out of that place. (Deut.12:2-3)

In 1993-2000 Sergei Timokin was used by God to lead the Christians of St. Petersburg into Palace Square to celebrate Jesus in the highest place of the atheistic World Power. 30,000 were in participation during those 3 Palace years. Right at the most holy moment of the central public meeting when the Apostle Sergei spoke the Word of God from the stage platform an outstanding thunder was given from Heaven.


There are two high places in Russia (Soviet Union). One is the Palace Square in

St. Petersburg (Leningrad), the other highest is the Red Square (in Kremlin) Moscow.

Anti-God Soviet Empire took the Kingdom of the Russian Christian Nation

in 1917. They killed the Russian Christian King and a big number of saints.

The Palace Square became the Red Revolution National birth place.

The Red Square is the Lenins mummy Mausoleum, the National honor sacred

place and the place of the Moscow Kremlin Power. Both squares were the

idol worshipping places for 70 years. Bloody year was 1937! 100 000 Christian

Ministers were killed in Lenins name! Idol LENIN still in Kremlin place! God forbid!

The Bible principal is clear about national strongholds and the demonic influences

that keep the nations away from God. Public praise and worship in such places

means the Victory Song of God Who is not remained mocked.


First Commandment is to love God with all our strength. It must be done by

ordinary people citizens who are kings and priests of God. They must show

the whole nation and the world that OUR GOD REIGNS! He is not mocked!

According to the Scripture (2 Chr 7:14) when the Nation publicly repents and

turns to God He comes and heals the land.



Parade vision:

Christians win in heavens by private prayer&praise&proclamation!

ChristianS reign on the earth by public prayer&prais&proclamation!


Red Square with Lenins name&body in the Mausoleum. Demon of darkness still controls the Nation. Only believers authority in bold public proclamation can stop it!

On 777 Day the Mausoleum chain

was broken in front of prayer warriors.


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!! Idol Lenin is fallen down (literally) in front of the church who prayed in the night against keeping it honored in the community !! (video)

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