Ps. Joel Osteen and Ps. Sergei Timokin at Lakewood Church

Ps. Joanne Cash (Johnny Cashs sister) with Ps.Sergei and Nina Timokin

Ps. Sergei Timokin ministered in Clarksville, TN USA Assembly Of God Church

Ps. Sergei preaches at All Around Cowboy Church Sealy, TX USA

Ps. Sergei sings Amazing Grace that once he was a wretch but now he is saved!

Mission in the USA

Pastor Sergei is called to share Jesus with Americans to lift Christians up to pray and not to faint. He spoke in more than 100 churches in many states, in radio and TV stations since 1991.

American Christians invited him to speak in churches of different denominations a

-Victory Christian Center (Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty)

-Lakewood Church (Pastor John Osteen),

-Nashville Cowboys Church (Pastor H. Yeats),

-Christ Church in Nashville (Pastor Hardwick),

-Church on the Rock (Pastor Mike Hankins),

-Christian City Church (Pastor Mark Kelsey),

-First Baptist Church,

-Lutheran Church Prince of Peace (Pastor Steven Wagner),

-St. Paul Believers Fellowship (Pastor Kim Harrington)

-TBN (Paul Crouch)

-USA Radio Network (John Clemens)

-National Prayer Breakfast (Washington, DC)

...and many other churches, bibles schools, ministries and broadcasters in USA

Us trips

Cowboy Church (more)