MINISTRIES (we need your help to spread the gospel)

Sergei Timokin Ministries include book publishing, audio, radio programs, TV, Video, music recording, crusades, church, world music recording, concerts, church planting and PPP (Prayer&Praise&Proclamation)

Captain Of Our Faith Bible revelation of Gods strong faith and mans weak faith.

Point Of Faith Contact material objects that God use to release miracles .



Pastor Sergei Timokin worked for TBN for5 years in Russia. Several times he was invited to speak in USA at Praise The Lord with Paul Crouch.

Sergei makes Gospel programs. We start our own Television.



Our vision is to labor 100 churches in 100 cities of the former USSR toward 2020. People get saved in our church, grow up, leave us and pastor churches. One of them started 20 other churches in Moldova! We committed to make this process organized to be in the RED REVIVAL Movement of the last days.

God uses Pastor Sergei mightily in public meeting in Crusades to heal, deliver and save people of Russia. People hear the Word in Russian and open their heart to act in faith. They see local minister and develop their trust in the Lord.

For several years daily programs were aired live on a Russian Christian radio for 20 mln people. Now there is even much more potential Radio stations to spread the Gospel in the former USSR. Pastor Sergeis voice is well known by his programs. Help, please, to go on!

Sergei Timokins new books\ (Russian)

Russian Crusade\

Church Planting\


eZuZ is a new stage name for Sergei Timokin. He just has released a single Easter Dance and White Nights for the world youth to enjoy dancing with the resurrected Christ.

World Music Outreach is a vision of Sergei Timokin.

His first band The Trumpet Call became #1 underground band in the USSR Nation.

Cowboy Church (more)